Interesting stories and experiences from the Crowsnest Highway region

A young couple hiking with their dog at Deer Point Trail during the summertime.


A Crowsnest Couples’ Getaway

If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic getaway, now is the perfect time to experience the Crowsnest. Tour the wine regions in peace and take the time to relax amid the beautiful vineyard views. Take a stroll on our many beautiful lakeside paths or walkways that wind by rushing rivers—hike or bike in true solitude on our widespread system of trails. Tee off at one of our picturesque golf courses. There are many amazing ways to recharge and reconnect with your partner on a couples-focused, scenic road trip along Highway 3.

Wine shop view

Taste Together

Some of the best moments in relationships come from outings centred around food or drink. The culinary scene along the Crowsnest is as diverse and pleasant as the landscapes you’ll pass through along your journey. Each region along the Crowsnest boasts its own flavours.

The Similkameen Valley has deep agricultural roots and has evolved into a world-renowned wine region that produces award-winning wines that reflect the region’s uniqueness. Add in some creative and attentive winery proprietors, and you get some truly incredible dining experiences. Go for a romantic evening with a gorgeous view like the one found at Seven Stones Winery. Spend a lovely afternoon tasting a flight of cider at Row Fourteen and sit down in the orchard for a fresh farm-to-table organic meal. Pro tip: Let the chef decide what the table is eating for your visit with the Field Harvest selection. You won’t regret it. For a more casual vibe, check out something like the traditional baking at Thomasina’s or some authentic Indian flavours at Samosa Gardens.

Osoyoos blends upscale and casual dining incredibly well. The Osoyoos food scene is a melting pot of different cultural flavours representing the diversity found in this Crowsnest Highway community. Located in Canada’s desert, patio season starts early in Osoyoos – sometimes as early as March, and runs well into the early days of October. Plan your day out with your partner overlooking the lake with a morning coffee from JoJo’s Cafe, or reminisce on the day that was in a comfortable ambience as you share an intimate dinner at 15 Park Bistro. A cool treat sometimes helps beat the desert heat. Grab some ice cream or gelato, dig those toes into the sand and listen to the waves crash against the shore.

Like everything else in Boundary Country, the eateries are eclectic, and each has its own unique twist. In Boundary, you can expect more casual eateries that focus on comfort and culture. This makes Boundary an ideal place for you and your sweetheart to share a picnic in nature. Take out some soul food from The Wooden Spoon and skip rocks on the Kettle River! Journey on a new food experience altogether and devour delicious Doukhobor-style delights like borscht or pyrahi from The Borscht Bowl.

Explore the Similkameen as One

Chances are you are not going to journey down the Crowsnest JUST to check out the food scene, but rather to enjoy new experiences as a couple that you can look back on fondly together. Each community along the Crowsnest will offer opportunities for exploration that are distinctly special.

After the culinary and wine experience in the Similkameen, the calling card for couples is adventure. There are a few epic alpine hikes that offer a chance to disconnect from the day-to-day and enjoy the present. EC Manning Provincial Park is a little more accessible with a year-round resort just off the Crowsnest Highway. Cathedral Provincial Park is accessible via a half-day hike (16 km uphill) or heavy-duty shuttle transport. Each of these Parks will dazzle you with 360-degree vistas, wildlife encounters, and pure, natural bliss. Connect with nature but also with your partner in a way you haven’t had a chance to yet!

Suppose you aren’t quite up for a big hike, no sweat! There’s plenty more to discover that’s a bit more manageable and just as exciting. Take a dip or cast a line together on the Similkameen River — Bromley Rock Provincial Park or by the Red Bridge in Keremeos are perfect spots for this. Swan Lake Wildlife Refuge is a quaint nature reserve in Princeton where you can share a quiet moment or two together.

A bike along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR) is the perfect middle ground of activity and relaxation. At a maximum grade of 1.3%, the KVR doesn’t get too challenging but lets you enjoy the charming Similkameen countryside.

Osoyoos Experiences for Two

Continuing along Crowsnest 3 towards Osoyoos, follow your sense of adventure to Anarchist Mountain, where a quick drive to the top of the hill will have your heart racing with stunning valley views.  At the bottom of the South Okanagan lies Osoyoos Lake – known as Canada’s warmest freshwater lake, perfect for couples who love swimming, boating, SUP, or just simply soaking up the sun on one of the many secluded, sandy beaches which are just steps away from romantic resorts and quaint beachfront hotels and motels.

Change the pace up and take your romantic getaway to Nk’Mip Resort! The all-in-one resort features Spirit Ridge & Nk’Mip RV Park for places to rest your head at the end of the day. Filling your day is the easy part. Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre is a state-of-the-art interpretive centre that offers opportunities to learn about the rich culture of the Okanagan people. The Cultural Centre is a must when visiting Osoyoos and will allow for a true understanding of the Syilx Nation, who are gracious enough to share their land with you. Shared learning and understanding are great ways to grow closer with your partner. 

Ignite that competitive spark in your relationship with a quick game of golf at Sonora Dunes, a one-of-a-kind 9-hole course. Set among rolling hills & lush vineyards, golfers of all abilities are welcome here, so there are no worries if you don’t play on a pro tour! End your day with a wine tasting and dinner at North America’s first Indigenous-owned winery, Nk’Mip Cellars. The restaurant is world-class with locally sourced and sustainable offerings, while the wines are international award winners that portray the relentless spirit and remarkable history that inspire them. Whatever you do, end your evening with a bottle of wine on their patio underneath the twinkling stars; it really is magical here.

Tour Boundary Together

Continue your couples getaway in Boundary Country. A collection of towns bursting at the seams with equal parts of adventure, history, and charm. Pack your tent or tow the 5th wheel out this way to truly escape the city together. Set up a home base alongside the historic Kettle River at the Kettle River Recreation Area.

With a home away from home established, you and your partner can truly focus on each other as you enjoy the natural setting around you. Hike or bike one of the many iconic rail trails that Boundary is famous for, following along the rivers. Take in some art at Gallery 2 in Grand Forks, the Arts on 3 Gallery in Christina Lake and check out street art around the towns or learn the history of the railroads at the Kettle River Museum in Midway. Find a quaint or quirky bed & breakfast, cabin or ranch if camping is not your thing. There are lots of great options for couples all along the Crowsnest. 

From the Similkameen Valley to Boundary Country, the options for romance are truly endless. Food and wine lovers can experience a broad range of delectable wine and culinary experiences. The more adventurous couples can enjoy a diverse range of outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, water activities and golf. And for the couples that want to have an enriching experience, the Crowsnest has endless cultural and historical activities.